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Everyone is free to choose their method of payment, however, we recommend that you use the electronic portfolio to fund your account. This will allow you not to disclose your credit card information to the bookmaker, not having to wait to see your account credited and not having to pay margins bookmaker your deposit.

Different sites paris online golf available on the internet offers different way of payments to credit your account, some are taxed, others not, so that's a description of the different means of payment available on the sites of paris online. In a few years  Money bookers has imposed Como leader of electronic wallets. There are various reasons for this success and the most obvious is the competitiveness of the site in both directions (deposits and withdrawals).

These payment methods are often the most interesting to gamble on sites paris online , indeed there to fund your account in real time without having to contact your bank information site paris online. Moreover, these payment methods are rarely taxed by sites paris online, so you can enjoy your entire deposit to place a bet on your favorite events.

These cards available in a large number of tobacconist allows you to credit the money into your account without having to provide the site with your credit card information. The cards are available in amounts ranging from 10 to 100 euros. The main advantage of these prepaid cards and it limits your spending on the site , in fact, once the value of your credited on the site map, you can not drop extra money, so you have much less chance falling into addiction paris so you preserve your financial health.

This is probably the way to pay the most used sites paris online , in fact, it allows you to fund your account instantly more platforms paris online having obtained a permit from the ARIEL use technologies of guarding very thorough to guarantee maximum confidentiality. This is the longest form of payment, when a deposit via bank transfer, you will take between two and five days before you see your credit account, so we do not recommend this method of payment to credit your account . However bank transfers are the removal means most used by the various sites paris online.