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Being a player and a fan of sports paris on the Internet does not mean that one is addicted to a game, it's still a passion, entertainment priority, and without having to spend too much money and too often. It's like anything, do not abuse the "good things". It's the same story at your bookstore or bar / favorite tobacco, you go to one or more grids of paris and you'll spend a few euros to see more.

On the Net you have the comforts of home and the comfort of a very secure professional website (using the same protections and certifications online banks) with a very nice design. But above all, an online bookmaker offers an incredible number of events to play, types and options paris which do not exist elsewhere, and inevitably odds and payouts of winnings to players much more attractive than in other places .

What is also interesting about the Internet is that many serious sites where you can bet and sincerely to secure your credit card deposits (especially since the new French legislation in 2010 allowing some operators to finally work), but also through electronic portfolios that allows you to deposit money and then use it with confidence, you really do not want to use your card. This choice allows one to compare the two offers and take advantage of promotions as a new customer but also regularly receive offers that are sometimes free, bonuses and regular competitions.

Obviously, any free offer is dependent on an action that must be performed by the client (a first deposit of a minimum amount of play on a particular minimum odds, bet several times before you can withdraw winnings, etc) . But overall, the sites are super serious in the areas of customer support (available and responds quickly to often question by mail a few hours to 48 hours maximum) and payments (a few working days to 2 weeks on average if they ask you for personal evidence, it is the legislation in force and to avoid some scams, they have the duty to ask you, it also protects the player, so nothing unusual). Check the case where conditions withdrawals primarily on earnings through bonuses earned and if there is some fresh when withdrawals.

Nevertheless, sites paris sports have long existed in the world (most sites are part of listed groups and always had a better reputation than the Casinos), already widespread and extensive experience in Anglo-Saxon countries (including the United Kingdom with the famous "bookmakers"), the Scandinavian countries, the countries of the East, Spain, etc. With Des Jesus and the PUMP, the largest land casinos, the tradition of the game is important, the French are very playful, and despite an obvious delay in the industry online and an official ban, the French market is one of the leaders.