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The Simple game is to find the horse that won the race, and Simple Placed game where you must find one of the first three horses in the race or the first two horses in the race (if there is at least 8 starters). Paired: The game is to find the Paired first two horses in the race in order or not, the game Placed Dual where to find two of the first three horses in the race, and Semi College where to find the first two horses in the race arrived in order. Trio: Trio The game is to find the first three horses in the race in order or not. Fourth winner (or ZEN idiot on Setoff): We need to find the horse ranked fourth in the race. The first four (4 ZEN on Netsurf): We need to find the first four horses in the race in order or not. On a day, the site selects one or more meetings that the player will use to choose the five races of the feature, then the horses in each of the selected races (bet remains open as there are at least five races in a selected day of the meeting).

Winnings are paid when the last race of the selected meeting is over, and are distributed among the players who found five winning horses in the selected (gain ='re being multiplied by the rate fixed by distribution site) meeting. ratings : On Netsurf after viewing the odds of starters you can bet on a horse by clicking on the "Bet" button in front of his name.

You will then be transferred to the "Programs and Forecasts" where everything will already be selected (meeting, race, type of bet, horse checked). You can add it to your selection and to modify and validate the Fill your ticket and confirm your bet. Last minute and Paddock: Sections with the same procedure as the explanation "ratings." Bet Now: Service faster if the player already knows the information to play a bet (the selection of the meeting until its validation). SCR888/918KISS online casino is the place to be for online slot lovers in Malaysia. Offering a wide range of games and video slots, this casino has won the love.. Test ID here

A bet can be played until the end of paris (to ring the bell or the racecourse) a few seconds before the start of a race (if there is a false start, the paris are re opened again to the ring). - A validated bet can be canceled or modified up to 10 minutes before the start of the race (see the bet in paris in progress). - If a horse is played "non-runner" bet on this horse is canceled, and a Simple bet the wager is credited back to the player account. If you are not interested in sa gaming , then you have already missed a lot.

For a bet Semi Win or the bet is automatically postponed betting game Simple Win or, for the horse that runs. For Trio, the bet will be demoted or Single Semi Winner Winner (if 2 horses played are non-runners.) - The stakes are re-credited to the player account if the race is canceled, postponed, or in case of exceptional events ( Racecourse bets are also reimbursed) modifying the race OF RESULTS.