How To Bet Parlays
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Parlay bets are the most famous types of bets which people go for playing these days. But the question is how to bet parlays through the online sports bookies. Parlays are the beneficial types of multiple bets through which you can get a high payout at once. You have to place multiple bets and   multiple teams are involved in one single parlay bet. And here at our site, you can learn about how to bet parlays.

The main key while betting parlays is to place several wagers which can be low priced bets and you can choose 8 to 10 teams to place these bets. The return of the parlays is really high and that is why these have become really popular. An important factor to know  about these parlays is that since multiple bets are to be placed at once therefore  all the money lines and odds  are inter related and therefore you only win  when you win all the separate bets.

Another important fact to know about is that the more number of teams you choose, the more you payouts you can get.  For example, if you choose 4 teams and bet $100 then you can get payouts of $1000 but if you bet on 5 teams then you can directly get $2500. The odds rise exponentially as you add more teams to your parlays playing at The only key to success for parlays is to understand the odds and pay tables of a particular sports book through which you place your bet.

In case you are interested in placing multiple parlay bets then you must go for round robin parlay and here we will describe how to bet round robin parlays. People who love to place many bets at one time, round robin parlays are for them. Through round robin parlays, you can place bets on about 3 to 8 parlay at one time and this is beneficial because if you play the regular sort of multiple bets then it might take time to fill out the betting slips and during this time the money lines on the odds can change which can completely ruin your chance to win before you are able to complete your bets. And that is where the round robin parlays can help the players to place multiple parlay bets. Round robin parlays also follow the standard parlays between rules and the players must be aware about the present odds to begin to place bets through the parlays. Get more information at